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AMB ElectraBass Crack With Product Key 2022

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AMB ElectraBass Free Download [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

-6 effects and control sections make this a powerful beast.
-32 step sequencer with 16 step memory, and input for one of the 8 effects sections.
-8 band EQ with independent and unique EQ sections.
-Real-time mastering, just send in your track and let the power do the rest.
-Powerful 2.5 inch drive and EQ section.
-4 different effects sections: Tube Thump, Leads, Vintage, and Vintage Crackle.
-Save to cassette.
-Audible cues (track 1).
-Track Auto feature to loop your favorite part and save.

ElectraBass Special Offer:
If you purchase the ElectraBass today, you can get $20 off of the original price. Just add this kit to your cart and then click on the ‘Select’ button before checking out. You will receive a promo code to enter in the App Store. This $20 off discount will be for the current price of the kit, at the time of your purchase.

ElectraBass was made by accident. It wasn’t originally meant to be a Bass Guitar Amplifier, but as I started to mix, and build effects, I started to see what it could be. I also saw a need, so I put all my tools and skill into creating the best Bass Guitar Amplifier.

ElectraBass has won Music Producer of the Year at the Apple Music Awards.

All kit sold are limited to 200 units, with the first 200 units given away on the project page.

This kit will NOT be added to the PR list on the Apple App Store, since PR is based on volume and popularity and not the number of kits given away.

ElectraBass Kit Components:

1 x Korg ElectraBass

1 x 32 Step Sequencer

1 x Audio Interface (for the Studio Recording section)

1 x Split EFX Stand

1 x Connector Cable

1 x Electric Valve Bass Preamp

1 x Bias/EQ Switch

1 x Pedal Attenuator (for the Pedal section)

1 x 8 Band EQ with Independent EQ

1 x XLR Power Amp

1 x Final Amplifier

1 x 32 Step Sequencer

1 x 2.5 inch Format Tape Deck (optional)

1 x Tascam DA-P1 Mixer

AMB ElectraBass Crack + With License Key Free Download

1. Create your own unique bass sounds with the 32 stage sequencer, ranging from vintage to funk, hip hop, metal, and much more.
2. Use our solid and unique presets to add to your creations.
3. With 4 effects included, create a signature sound that you can brand as your own.
4. Change the velocities and keys of the effects to get the best sound out of your amp.
Compatible with Yamaha RM1.
Main Features:
-AMB ElectraBass
-Create your own signature sound
-Create your own unique bass sounds with the 32 stage sequencer
-Solid and unique presets
-Create a signature sound that you can brand as your own
-4 effects included, change the velocities and keys to get the best sound out of your amp
-Intuitive 32 stage sequencer
-Save your sequence
-Intuitive chord and bass meter
-Choose from five types of presets
-Ability to save sequence in midi, WAV and AIFF format
-Add to main sequencer
-5 Instruments (bass, bass guitar, lead, synth, lead guitar)
-Store your own custom made sequences
-Record and save your own sequence
-Built-in effects include delay, flanger, reverb, chorus, phaser, and chorus
-Standard i/o connectivity
-Funk at a F0.12!
-Compatible with Yamaha RM1
-AMB also works with iRig Mic and iRig Pen, iRig Duo, iRig Mic +, iRig Touch
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HD-808 MK-81 HD-808 MK-081 The ultimate compact high-end MIDI synthesizer with classic analog warmth and an authentic analogue sound with state-of-the-art technology. The sound engine combines both DSP engines and hardware to provide you with the best possible sound from a compact instrument.
-Continuous, programmable, hardware-controlled oscillator with choice of waveforms
-Patch-programmable oscillators with modulation and filter effects
-Patch-programmable multiple filters, with 32-voice polyphony
-Two-part patch-programmable synthesizer with external mixer
-Polyphonic aftertouch-compatible MIDI keyboard with assignable aftertouch
-3-bank memory, total of 128 samples in 16-bit/48kHz
-Dual analog-

What’s New in the AMB ElectraBass?

What should you do when you need to make your Bass sound super nasty? Give ElectroBass a try. 

ElectroBass focuses on Bass and Leads with a futuristic sound. Along with 4 different effects, a unique 32 stage sequencer enables you to input your own bass and lead lines with ease.

What should you do when you need to make your Bass sound super nasty? Give ElectroBass a try. 

What’s New in This Release:

1.  Fixed issue that caused samples to not play correctly in some cases.

2.  Added a way to create and edit banks with a new function on the Main Menu that lets you create new “banks”, named “Banks”

3.  Added "Panning" to each channel, also added a new function to allow you to assign a panning effect to any channel

4.  Added a new function to allow you to open a new song as a bank, named “Open Bank”

5.  Fixed issue that caused some samples to not play correctly when loaded from a computer.

6.  Minor bug fixes


Please use this program with the included software: This includes you to create and edit banks and banks banks.


Unzip the package and run the exe file inside of the zipped folder.

Once finished, drag the folder to your desktop and double click the icon to run the application.

Note: The.WAV files are not needed, unless you plan on using them, then you need to extract the.WAV files to an appropriate folder


ElectroBass was created by a musician, for musicians. It’s intended to be used with an audio interface or DAW, and not for computer speakers.

All the effects are set to adjust the bass in a way that is not heard in a conventional bass amp, unless your amp has a bass boost channel that’s set to max.

Each channel also has a volume control, as well as 4 effects (Filter, Chorus, Reverb, Delay), as well as a pan control.

The filter is the most prominent of the 4, and allows you to create your own dirty sounds.

There are 4 audio effects that come with this version of ElectroBass.

Filter: A classic sound that can really be a welcome feature for vocals and lead channels, it lets you add your own reverb, chorus and delay, and it also has a low pass filter to help create interesting sounds.

Chorus: Very useful for adding reverb to your lead channel, and also has a low pass filter

System Requirements:

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP
Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (2.8 GHz or faster)
15 GB HD space
NVIDIA GeForce 8400, GForce 7300, GTX, GForce 7300, GForce 8200 or GForce 8500 (DirectX 11 compatible)
1024×768 display resolution
DirectX 11 compatible NVIDIA or AMD based video card
Graphics Card Recommended:



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