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About Nakheel

Nakheel Properties is a global leader in master development, playing a pivotal role in realizing Dubai’s vision through an innovative and iconic portfolio. Renowned for landmark projects like the world-famous Palm Jumeirah, Nakheel has extended Dubai’s coastline by over 300 kilometers, contributing significantly to the growth of seafront residences, resorts, hotels, and attractions within the vibrant landscape of dubaiproperty.

Covering an extensive 15,000 hectares, Nakheel’s master developments are designed to accommodate nearly 300,000 individuals. This expansive scale brings forth a diverse array of destinations, attractions, and facilities tailored for Dubai’s citizens, residents, and visitors, all seamlessly integrated into the dynamic platform of

Nakheel’s commitment to excellence and innovation is not only reflected in their world-leading projects but also in their contribution to the evolving narrative of Dubai’s real estate landscape, making them a cornerstone of the city’s property development journey.

Nakheel Properties

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